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Reflect - Regal, Sophisticated, Elegant

Bronze, copper, gold, silver and alabasters are swirled in a high gloss polish offering a surface that is bathed in glorious light.  It borrows the range of an artist's palette combining natural minerals to produce a floor that is handcrafted.  Three finishes are offered in the Reflect line: Filigree - swirling and airy. Wave - rolling and misty. Hammered - antique and vintage.  Reflect's beautiful luster is enhanced by being a resilient floor ensuring comfort under foot.  It is easy to clean, maintain and resists scratches.  



  • Molten Dawn
    Molten Dawn
  • Fusion Storm
    Fusion Storm
  • Black Bortex
    Black Vortex
  • Bronze _Sunset _Filigree _Reflect _1
    Bronze Sunset
  • Copper _Storm _Wave _Finish _Reflect
    Copper Storm
  • Smoky _Rain _Hammer _FInish _Reflect
    Smoky Rain
  • Chocolate Lava
    Chocolate Lava
  • Lake Azure
    Lake Azure
  • Custom

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