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Custom Flooring

What are the Benefits of Custom Flooring?

While the cost of a custom floor is often more than standard flooring, the benefits of creating the perfect space for your commercial environment can way outweigh the initial expense. Corporate guidelines and branding may require certain colours, looks, or logos that can be achieved with custom floors. In addition, you may be looking to create a certain atmosphere to tell your story, support your culture, or provide a specific experience for your guests. This can be done through custom colours, custom patterns and designs, even by incorporating custom aggregates or locking objects into a resin surface. With a floor and a space like yours, people will be spreading the word and everyone will want to come see it. That's called ROI.

Will Custom Floors Still Perform as well as Standard Flooring Products?

Quality flooring will never have you sacrifice design for functionality. Liquid Elements, artfully poured floors, can be customized to meet your design preferences with all the benefits of high performance features like resiliency, easy maintenance, sound absorption, and long-lasting durability. Our brand is backed by nearly a century in flooring manufacturing and installation experience, so you can count on our commitment to deliver a quality, custom floor.

All Custom Floors are Not Equal

When some companies talk about offering custom floors, this can mean a change of pattern or even a custom colour. When we say custom floors, we mean custom! Looking for something that stands out from the competition? Check out our Reflect Artist Series, which transforms an ordinary floor into an extraordinary experience. Seamless and reliable, these truly custom floors are created through partnerships with individual artists who produce exclusive, handcrafted artistic masterpieces within your space. Contact us to tell us your vision. Our Architectural representatives will work with you to make it come to life.


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