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Smooth - Refined, Dynamic, Understated

Smooth is a resilient, self leveling floor and is a grown up version of concrete, offering longevity, depth and design options including a matte or gloss finish that works in any contemporary commercial setting. Smooth is available in one dimension of colour or our two colour, Duo series.  Smooth ensures comfort underfoot and is easy to maintain as well as resists scratching.

Colours - Single:

  • West_End_Gray_Matte_Finish_Smooth
    West End Gray
  • Smooth Cairo_Clay_Matte_Smooth
    Cairo Clay
  • Berlin_Night_Matte_Finish_Smooth
    Berlin Night
  • Sapporo _White
    Sapporo White
  • Auckland Moss
    Auckland Moss
  • Galway Linen
    Galway Linen

Colours - Duo:

  • Edinburgh _Mist
    Edinburgh Mist
  • Kilkenny _Castle
    Kilkenny Castle
  • Halifax _Rain _Smooth _Duo
    Halifax Rain
  • Brisbane _Bisque _Smooth _Duo
    Brisbane Bisque
  • Nairobi Brown
    Nairobi Brown
  • Belgian Waffle
    Belgian Waffle
  • Custom

Product Data Sheets:

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  • Call us at: 800.263.3112
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