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Glitz - Flashy, Intense, Exciting

This sparkly, high gloss floor glimmers and reflects colour from every angle. Glitz can be dramatically different depending on your colour selection. Reds conjure images of ruby, red slippers that take you to exciting places, while whites evoke iconic drama in endless sheen. From the Vegas strip to Haute Couture runways, this resilient floor will ensure comfort under foot. Easy to clean and scratch resistant to keep that glitter glittering.

Colours - Glitter Collection:
  • Turquoise Universe
    Turquoise Universe
  • Tourmaline Meteor
    Tourmaline Meteor
  • RUby _Star _Glitz
    Ruby Star
  • Black _Glitz
    Midnight Onyx
  • Gold Dust
    Gold Dust
  • Coral Rose
    Coral Rose
Colours - Mineral Collection:
    • Black _Sambuca _Mineral
      Black Sambuca
    • Champagne _Bubbles _Gloss _Glitz
      Champagne Bubbles
    • Spiced _Rum _Mineral
      Spiced Rum
    • White Russian
      White Russian
    • Whiskey Sour
      Whiskey Sour

  • Custom

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