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Ergonomic Flooring Makes a Difference in Commercial Environments

Does an Ergonomic Flooring System Matter?

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in a working environment. This is a key factor for designers, planners and decision-makers. An ergonomic flooring system provides physical health benefits and that transfers to psychological benefits as well. Compare standing on a hard floor all day to one that has flexibility and it's not hard to understand how productivity and morale can differ greatly from one environment to the other. When considering ergonomics, it's not just chairs and keyboards, but your flooring system too.

Achieving Better Ergonomics with Liquid Elements Seamless Flooring

You can have great design with functionality that benefits your staff and visitors. Make your environment a desirable place to work or visit, one that reduces discomfort from standing and decreases the fatigue that can come from a long day on the floor. With resilient, seamless floors by Liquid Elements, you can have all this including acoustical performance. Museums, showrooms, restaurants, and retail floors can be artistic and comfortable!

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