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sustain_solitionAt LiquidElements we have an ethical responsibility to formulate floors that work not only with the environment but help to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment.  As a manufacturer of interior flooring systems we support the principles of Green Design by being environmentally responsible in all aspects of our manufacturing processes, we support economical profitability and we create a healthy environment to live and work.  As a member of the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC) we are committed to helping you achieve LEED certification through the LEED rating system in the areas of Material & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality.

There are many initiatives that we are proud of so let us a share a few with you.

90% of our new product development involves water based urethanes and we use 100% solids technology in our manufacturing process as we care about the health of our employees and installers.

In fiscal 2010, Stonhard recycled over 850,000 pounds of material keeping it from being dumped in a landfill.

Stonhard has developed an innovated flexible packaging system that annually prevents 4.8 million gallon pails from being dumped into landfills.

LiquidElements floors are designed with longevity and sustainability in mind.  A LiquidElements floor is designed to become part of the building giving it a very long life cycle and does not need to be removed when renovations take place; isn’t this the ultimate goal of true sustainability?

Each year we save thousands of gallons of water and prevent harsh chemicals, waxes and detergents from ending up in the waste stream because our floors require very little maintenance.

We have removed many regulated components from our products and continue to minimize the use of regulated raw materials in our formulations, thereby decreasing the amount of hazardous waste we generate and making our systems cleaner and greener for mother Earth.

Sustainability has become a significant factor when selecting products or choosing a business partner.  Many consumers want to purchase goods or do business with a company that is conscious of how its consumption or operations impact the environment.  At LiquidElements we understand the power and importance of sustainability and reducing consumption which is why we have implemented initiatives such as recycling daily in our manufacturing plant and offices.  We recycle all of our cardboard, paper, and plastic bottles and all of our packaging peanuts are made from soy based materials.  We have installed lighting and water controls in our bathrooms to reduce energy and water consumption. Many of our appliances and computer monitors carry the Energy Star rating and as we add new components Energy Star ratings will lead the way. We recently replaced part of our roof system and choose a highly reflective coating to increase the efficiency of our heating and cooling system and decrease our need on energy. We have a bike to work program that reduces carbon emissions and promotes wellness and a healthy lifestyles for our employees.

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